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2023 Rockfish GC Tournament

Macey White - TD | Published on 6/29/2023

Rockfish GC Tournament

June 29-July 2, 2023
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

Rockfish GC Tournament and Blue Crabs Arts and Crafts Festival was a match made in heaven at the Chesapeake Cay Croquet Club

On June 29 – July 2, the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club hosted the 2023 Rockfish Golf Croquet Tournament.  Players from all over the US came for good croquet and great times.  During the tournament, on Saturday and Sunday, the club hosted the first annual Blue Crab Arts and Crafts Festival.  The festival was held in a park like grove of pine (in the shade) and the GC tournament was within sight on the courts.  The two events blended extremely well.


While croquet competitors were competing, festival goers stopped by to watch and ask questions.  There was always a crowd of festival spectators.  Many said they had never seen a real croquet game before, and many were very impressed.  The Club gave free golf croquet lessons and organized games for anyone who wanted to give it a try.  About 75 people took advantage and played for the first time.  Chesapeake Bay offered a membership special and offered signups for league play to all who came and CBCC picked up over 30 new members and more are trickling in as a result of the festival.


The festival organizing team was made up of CBCC croquet players, Audrey Bingham, Brenda Feiner, Cathy Vavala, Cynthia Fowler, Doug Fowler, John Priest, Kimberly Ruffo, Lynn Pendleton, Lynne Blankenship, Macey White, Nancy Crouch, Pam Groh, Penn Pendleton, Sandra Phillips, and Steve Thurston.  Months of preparation paid off in a spectacularly smooth-running event. Original goals were to have 30 vendors and 1000 participants.  When the dust settled, the festival had 68 arts and crafts vendors, 7 food vendors and over 2000 attendees.  To inject a croquet theme into the festival, vendors were given a 50% rebate on their registration fee if they had at least one croquet related item for sale.  Over half of the vendors had croquet items for sale and many were quite unique. 


Chesapeake Bay is going to make the festival and Rockfish tournament combo an annual event.


In the Rockfish tournament, every started with hi-low doubles and singles to follow. 


In doubles, there were 6 teams in Championship Flight, and 5 teams in 1st Flight.


In Championship play, Marc Stearns (right) & Tom Bown (not picture) made it to the finals as the 2nd seed battling with the tournament favorites Bo Prillaman (left) & MaryCarol Stearns (center).  It may have been a cold drive home for Marc as he and Tom Bown upset the favorites to win.

 1.  Marc Stearns & Tom Bown
 2.  Bo Prillaman & Mary Carol Stearns
 Rick Darnell & Ned Sperry
 4.  Nancy Crouch & Caryl Firth
 5.  Lisa Maolney & Pam Groh
 6.  Michael Heath & Jum Watrous


In 1st Flight Doubles, Damon Hagan( left) & David Scott (2nd from right)  came in as the number 1 seed and challengers Clyde Anderson (middle) & Jennifer Falchi (2nd from left) came in as the number 2.  Clyde and Jennifer rose to the challenge and took 1st place honors.

1.  Clyde Anderson & Jennifer Falchi
 Damon Hagan & David Scott
 Sarah Persons & Kimberly Hagan
 Paige Brown & Donald Liotine
 Shep Slater & Bonnie Liotine

In singles, there were 9 players in Championship Flight, 6 players in 1st Flight, and 7 players in 2nd Flight. 


Championship Flight singles was won by newbie David Scott (left), winning best 2 of 3 over seasoned veteran Bo Prillaman (center) TD Macey White (right).

1.  David Scott
 Bo Prillaman
 Nancy Crouch
 Caryl First
 Michael Heath
 Lisa Maloney
 Ned Sperry
 Marc Stearns
 Rick Darnell


1st Flight singles was won by Jim Watrous (center) in 2 straight over Pam Groh (left).

Jim Watrous
2 Pam Groh
Tom Bown
Mary Carol Stearns
Clyde Anderson
Sarah Persons


In 2nd Flight singles, newbies Shep Slater (left) and Paige Brown (right) rose to the final game.  Paige won a nail biter 7-6.

 Paige Brown
 Shep Slater
 Jennifer Falchi
 Damon Hagan
 Kimberly Hagan
 Donald Liotine
 Bonnie Liotine