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USCA Croquet Schools - Learn From the Pros

Would you like to learn from the best? Whether you are just starting out or wanting to improve your game, USCA schools offer the help that you need. Our schools are taught by top USCA certified instructors who are qualified and experienced players selected by our staff because of their croquet expertise and ability to communicate to those who wish to learn how to play the game with all the elements explained in detail. Classes are small with a maximum 8:1 student to teacher ratio and are tailored to the specific playing levels of the participants. We strive to have similarly skilled players in a particular group however there may be times, due to demand, that we may have a diverse group of skills. In these cases, the instructor will give each student proper attention specific to their skill level. All school are located at the National Croquet Center in West Palm Beach, FL unless otherwise indicated.

School Benefits Include:

5 hours/day of on-court instruction 9:30am – 3:30pm.

Use of courts and equipment.

Official USCA Rulebook (for new members).

USCA Shot-making Manual (for first time American Rules or Golf Croquet students only).

Daily Continental Breakfast 8:30 – 9:30am and Daily Lunches.

Framable Certificate of Completion and Class Photograph.

Wine and Cheese Party, last day of school 3:30 – 4:30pm.

Choose American, Golf, or Association Rules. We offer classes for all forms of the game and cover the following skills:


•   Emphasis on technique

•   Proper pendulum swing

•   Basic croquet shots

•   General strategies and rules


•   Reinforcing techniques

•   Break Play

•   Openings and Leaves

•   Deadness rotation

•   Chase theory


•   Peeling sequences during a controlled break

•   How to make unhittable leaves

Tournament Play Schools (TPS)

(American Rules and Golf Croquet)

This school is designed to introduce beginners and “ease” other players into tournament play. Instruction will be combined with an emphasis on strategy.

The Private Group Program

In addition to our scheduled schools, we offer private group lessons for groups of 6 or more players (of the same level) at our West Palm Beach location. Dates can be arranged at the convenience of the group dependent on court and instructor availability. Private group classes may be booked for 2 or 3 days of instruction and will include all the benefits offered in our regularly scheduled schools.

Here is what School participants have to say:

Wayne Davies, 2006 USCA Rookie of the Year —

… I was immediately struck by both the infectious enthusiasm and depth of knowledge of the instructors … I left with a burning desire to both improve and show others just what a great game croquet is. An added bonus was that, weeks later, all the teachers were only too happy to answer the myriad of questions I had for them! A 5 star rating!

Rebeca Bergofsky, New York Croquet Club —

… The teachers were outstanding, the atmosphere was helpful and friendly and the students were all eager to learn new techniques to improve their game of croquet. I would encourage beginners as well as players with some experience to register for the school. You will be able to integrate this knowledge in your next game of croquet.

Walt & Kate Plummer, Patuxent Croquet Club —

… attending one of USCA Instructional School courses is the best way to learn … you’ll find yourself far better able to understand and play the game and you’ll be a better contestant and partner …

Linda & Ron Huxtable, Hammock Dunes Croquet Club —

… We learned about the USCA’s Tournament Play School, and quickly signed up! The school proved to be exactly what we needed …

Contact the USCA office for more details at (561) 478-0760 or by email.

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