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Official Address United States Croquet Association
700 Florida Mango Road
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406
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The mission of the USCA is to promote the awareness, development and enjoyment of Croquet in America, providing resources and governance for the sport at all levels.

The USCA is the national governing body for the sport of croquet in America focused on five key elements to promote and develop croquet:

  1. Foster relationships by building community.
  2. Support participation and continuity through organizational excellence.
  3. Commit to growth through diversity and inclusion.
  4. Develop and enjoy the sport through education.
  5. Promote croquet as a lifelong activity and healthy lifestyle.

About Us

Organized in 1977 by Jack Osborn, the USCA established croquet as a serious sport in America and remains the primary organizing force behind its growth and development. The USCA has nearly 300 member clubs and 3,000 members, sanctioning hundreds of local, regional, national and international tournaments each year. Much of the recent growth has been at golf clubs and resorts and in municipal parks where croquet has added to a mix of sports and leisure activities.

The mission of the USCA is to promote the growth and enjoyment of Croquet, and to govern the sport in America.

The USCA has a full-time office staff which keeps regular weekday hours. We welcome calls or e-mails requesting information on all aspects of croquet, including information on starting a club and on local contacts to instruct and advise you. The staff will also gladly offer advice, print resources, and consulting on lawn construction and maintenance.

The USCA is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

Collegiate Division

The Collegiate Division has established ongoing programs in a dozen colleges and universities. Local advisors and coaches are provided for college and university groups committed to getting croquet organized on campus.

Juniors Division

The Juniors Division promotes the development of K–12 croquet clubs. The USCA can help provide equipment and instruction. Juniors are eligible for National Awards as well as regional and national Juniors tournaments.

Croquet Foundation of America, Inc.

Organized in association with and in support of the USCA mission, the nonprofit Croquet Foundation of America (CFA) owns and operates the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center (NCC) in West Palm Beach, FL – the home of the USCA.

The NCC is the largest croquet center in the world, situated on a beautiful ten-acre site, with twelve full-sized courts and a beautiful 19,000 sq. ft. Caribbean Colonial Clubhouse, with full dining and catering facilities.

he NCC houses the USCA, the National Croquet Museum, and the sport’s largest Pro Shop. It administers the Croquet Hall of Fame, and helps the USCA to educate the public regarding the sport. It exposes thousands of visitors annually to the sport through corporate, charitable and private events. It refers interested visitors to croquet clubs in their home towns, hosts numerous USCA schools, tournaments and international competitions.

The CFA also shares its facility with the National Croquet Club, hosts the Croquet Special Olympics and Florida Croquet Senior Games competitions. It also makes its facilities available at significantly discounted rates in support of the local community and all charitable organizations.