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2023 Croquet by the Bay

Macey White - TD | Published on 5/11/2023

Croquet by the Bay 6W

May 11-14,2023
Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club

2023 Croquet by the Bay Group Photo

On May 11-15, the Chesapeake Bay Croquet Club held the 2023 Croquet by the Bay American 6-Wicket Tournament.  This singles and hi/low doubles tournament had block play with all players moving to the playoffs. The entry fee was $195 which included lunches and a reception on Wednesday night.


In doubles play, top ranked and previously undefeated team of Macey White & Cynthia Fowler was bested by Nancy Crouch & Teresa Errickson.  Nancy Crouch & Teresa Errickson lost to Perry Mattson & Inez Cancienne in the semi's.  Also undefeated in block play were Cameron James & Cecil Creasey and Stephen Errickson & Susan Creasey,  These two teams met in the semi's and Errickson & Creasey made it to the finals.  In the finals, come from behind experts Perry Mattson & Inez Cancienne won over Errickson & Creasey, 13-8.


In 1st Flight singles play, Teresa Errickson and Fred Beck ended up 1 & 2 seeds going into the play offs and met in the finals.  Teresa Errickon won the final game 13-5.


In Championship Flight Singles, Perry Mattson and Gil Rocha came out of the blocks 1 & 2. Gil got upset in the round of 8 by Walt Janitz.  Perry was upset by Nancy Crouch in the semi's.  Walt and Nancy faced off in the finals with nancy prevailing 20-7.


Tournament Director, Macey White

Championship Singles
1. Nancy Crouch
2. Walt Janitz
3. Perry Mattson
3. Steve Thurston
5. Stephen Errickson
5. Gil Rocha
5. Leo Luthier
5. Cecil Creasey
9. Cameron James
9. Sandy Janitz

First Flight Singles
1. Teresa Errickson
2. Fred Beck
3. John Welch
3. Susan Creasey
5. Clyde Anderson
5. Inez Cancienne
5. Cynthia Fowler

Championship Doubles
1. Perry Mattson & Inez Cancienne
2. Stephen Errickson & Susan Creasey
3. Cameron James & Cecil Creasey
3. Nancy Crouch & Teresa Errickson
5. Macey White & Cynthia Fowler
5. Steve Thurston & Fred Beck
5. Gil Rocha & John Welch
5. Leo Luthier & Sandy Janitz