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2022 USCA Golf Croquet Club Teams

Tom & Loretta Cooper - TDs | Published on 12/2/2022
USCA Golf Croquet Club Teams
December 2-4, 2022
National Croquet Center

It is widely accepted that Golf Croquet has forever changed the playing field for croquet.  At the entry level, it is accessible to all, and social at its core. It has brought legions of new players to croquet, and revitalized the membership roles of many clubs.  Women who play golf croquet can wear the same pretty dresses as tennis players (less bending down).  There are many more husband and wife teams than are found in 6 wicket croquet. Polite gentility at its finest.


But do not be fooled.  

Serious golf croquet players need serious stamina (you will be on your feet for the entire length of the game), play by play strategy (not the rhythmic order of the 4-ball break), and literally, every shot matters.  The best players have spot-on position shots from across court, laser-like long distance roquets, crisp stun shots and impressive jump shots.  Although there is an atmosphere of sociability on the surface, it is really a cut-throat, baby shark meets flipper, kind of game.


The 2022 USCA Golf Croquet Club teams was the largest to date, with 112 scheduled participants and 22 clubs represented. Division III (1-2 players) boasted the most clubs, nearly equaling the number of Divisions I & II combined.  Ten double-banked courts were employed from early morning until late afternoon each day. 


Every table on the NCC porch was decorated in club ‘swag’, and club flags proudly proclaimed their presence on the lawn.  As always, the hospitality of the NCC staff and the quality of food, beverage, and service proffered by in-house caterer Sandy James was top-notch.


The tournament was preceded by a 2-day Golf Croquet School, staffed by 3 of the most prominent players and teachers in the sport; Debbie Davidoff, Bo Prillaman and Priscilla Flowers.  Participants had only accolades for the well-planned curriculum and friendly instructors.


For a game which the players all take very seriously, there was still a lot of laughter and hijinks on the court and off.  Anne Killelea of Wyndemere is sure there was magic going on in some games; balls that inexplicably found their way around other balls in their path, which should have stopped them.   Nancy McMahon of Green Gables made 2 wickets in one stroke, the shot of a lifetime.


The tournament committee, Tom and Loretta Cooper, Priscilla Flowers and Carla Rueck, as well as USCA staffers Johnny Mitchell and Ursula Peck, were grateful for the patience and flexibility demonstrated by all, as life threw some now common hurdles in the way.   Covid had some players drop out at the last minute, and a massive traffic snarl on I95 delayed the arrival of 10 players for first round of the first day.


Tightly seeded blocks made for excellent head-to-head competition and many were decided by the 75-minute time limit, rather than a score of seven.  Almost every team in the quarter finals was determined by net points. 


When all 175 games were played, the dust finally settled, and the USCA officials donned their navy blazers, the winning teams were declared, and trophies were awarded.


In the 2nd Flight it was the team of Epstein-Miller over Anthony-Killilea. In 1st Flight it was the team of Rush-Scott getting past the husband-wife team of Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks. And in Championship flight? The team of Davidson-Mauldin had a narrow victory over Cavers-Simmons.


But this was the Club Teams, while individual team play was important, the top eight teams in each division contributed points toward their teams overall score. Which teams came out on top?


Division III: Ocean Reef with 16 points and 2nd place Milwaukee with 2 points.

Division II: The Plantation at Ponte Verde with 28 points and 2nd place John’s Island with 18 points.

Division I: The National Croquet Club with 36 points and 2nd place went to Wyndemere with 12 points.


If you have not yet made it to Florida for a big USCA tournament, the Golf Croquet Club teams could be the one for you.  December weather in West Palm Beach is ‘just right’, not too hot, not too cold.  You will encounter some players you know, some ‘croquet celebrities’ you have only read about in the Croquet News, and you’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of new and interesting players from around the country.

Final Results


Championship Flight
1 Debbie Davidoff & Earle Mauldin
2 Tim Cavers & Bill Simmons
3 Jim Teel & Chris Barley
4 Kent Lovvorn & Dallas Denny
5 Cheryl Bromley & Vernon Pierce
6 Tate Russack & Cami Russack
7 Terry Howatt & Tom Lindley
8 Marcus Stearns & Mary Carol Stearns
9 Todd Russell & Lee Yeilding
10 Kenny Lovett & Katherine Jones
11 Leo McBride & Clint Fowlkes
12 Alex Galasso & Priscilla Flowers
13 Cecil Creasey Jr. & Susan Creasey
14 Chris Morris & Bev Cardo
15 Clint Dawkins & Lynn McCann
16 James Creasey & Chad Mahan

First Flight
1 Jack Rush & David Scott
2 Laura Hendrick & Kendall Hendrick
3 Devin Burress & Steve Tasker
4 Michael Gibbons & Patricia Duncan
5 Robert Hamilton & Mary Anne Hamilton
6 Ivo Dentchev & Brian Mitchell
7 David Kepner & Ralph Worthington
8 Mike Hatcher & James Welch
9 Lori Matway & Brand Shank
10 Phil Emond & Woody Whitchurch
11 Bruce Hindlin & Neill Trimble
12 Calvert Chaney & Liddy Chaney
13 Anita Huber & Dana Beisheim
14 Jeff Smith & Gail Barley
15 John Joseph & Jicham Zaatini
16 Linda Merk & Gregory Anderson
17 Ann Carr & Jeff Morrison
18 Caryl Firth & Mary Galasso
19 Candice Kehoe & Kevin O'Driscoll
20 Sue Emond & JoAnne Hofmann
21 Edward Berge & Larry Lynch
22 Lawrence Crimmins & Jan Fisher
23 Suzanne Turner & Phil Robinson
24 Mary Stewart Regensburg & Don Tortorice

Second Flight
1 Lynn Epstein & Michael Miller
2 Mike Anthony & Kevin Killilea
3 Howard Glicken & Barbara Glicken
4 Kelly Callahan & Debbie Martin
5 Greg Wechsler & George Howard
6 Jennifer Joseph & Susan Donovan
7 Jay Carey & Jodie Payne
8 Pat Richmond & Nancy McMahon
9 Pamela Wilson & George Mason
10 Mary Ellen Keating & Chris Ordway
11 Matt Fitzgerald & Shirley Fitzgerald
12 Frances Anthony & Ann Killilea
13 Frank Merschman & Sheila Peterson
14 Mark Visk & Becky Myers
15 Joyce Kurtz & Knute Kurtz