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2022 National Croquet Club GC Singles

Bill Trower - TD | Published on 11/4/2022

National Croquet Club GC Singles
November 4-6, 2022
National Croquet Center

National Croquet Club GC Singles Finalists

The National Croquet Club conducted its first ever singles golf croquet members tournament this year, November 4th-6th.   Forty-eight members originally signed up for this tournament. Two players had to withdraw the day before play commenced.  In the past, most members had indicated that they wished to play doubles.  The forty-six remaining players were placed in four blocks of eight and two blocks of seven. Ten of these members had never played in a prior croquet tournament.  Three had only recently played in a Nine Wicket Tournament.  Much of the credit for these members playing in this tournament belongs to Jim Grady and Priscilla Flowers.  Jim has conducted a new members’ introduction class for the past seven years on Saturday morning.  Priscilla introduced the GC Strikers three seasons ago to promote golf croquet tournament plays.  To both of you thank you for promoting golf croquet at the National Croquet Center for its members.  A job well done.

For those members who did not have a World Croquet Federation golf croquet D Rating, ratings were assigned by converting the players 6 wicket or golf croquet handicap.  For those players not having a WCF, 6 wicket or golf croquet handicap, a D rating of 1000 was assigned.  The players were then ranked from the top player with a D Rating of 2110 to the lowest with 1000.  A serpentine numerical number was assigned of one thru six, six thru one, one thru six, six thru one etc. until six blocks were formed. Four with six players, two with seven players.  After block play, the top two winners from each block was assigned to the Championship flight ladder, the next two were assigned to the First flight ladder, the next two to the Second flight ladder and finally the remaining players to the Third flight ladder. Three players were undefeated in their blocks and earned a spot  in the Championship Flight .  All players made it out of the blocks and played in their respective flight.  Brian Mitchell was the only player to have been undefeated both in block play and ladder play.  Because we distributed all players from high to low, it allowed players such as Brian who did not qualify for the Championship flight to earn a spot in the Championship Flight.  This unconventional block system allowed club players who do not play in tournaments to compete at a higher level than if they were placed in a flight.


Bill Trower, Tournament Director

Nanci Hunt, Tournament Manager

Priscilla Flowers, Golf Croquet Consultant


Pictures compliments of Lin Irey and Gerry Eubank

B Mitchell B Trower 2
Championship Winner Brian Mitchell
J Morrison B Trower
First Flight Winner Jeff Morrison
J Strasser L Irey
Second Flight Winner
John Strasser &
Lyn Irey

B Trower P Foy
Third Flight Winner Patrick Foy

1. Brian Mitchell
2. Priscilla Flowers
3. Lynda Sudderberg
3. Robert Van Tassell
5. Alex Galasso
5. Johnny Mitchell
5. Tate Russack
5. Tom Lindley
9. Leo McBride
9.Chris Morris
9.John Warlick
9. Dave Spivey

1. Jeff Morrison
2. Lin Irey
3. Jim Sansalone
3.Stephen Glassbaugh
5. Cami Russack
5. Caryl Firth
5. Richard Corey
5. George Mason
9. Anne Carr
9. Gerry Eubank
9. Mary Churchill
9. Richard Hayes

1. John Strasser
2. Suzanne Turner
3. Jay Carey
4. Gay Cinque
5. Vicky Naranjo
5. Trudy Cowetz
5. Frank Meunier
5. Mary Galasso
9. Frank Mernshman
9. Nancy Sansalone
9. Linda Merk
9. George Claffey

1. Patrick Foy
2. Kelly Callahan
3. Ned Fleming
4. Lynn Foley
5. Ralph Worthington
5. Sheila Peterson
5. Phil Robinson
8. Pamela Wilson
8. Bess Hayes
8. Feifei Williams

3rd Flight Winners
Third Flight Winners Ned Fleming,
Kelly Callahan, & Patrick Foy

P Flowers B Mitchell
Priscilla Flowers &
Brian Mitchell
J Sansalone B Trower
Jim Sansalone with Bill Trower
S Turner B Trower
Suzanne Turner & Bill Trower

R Hayes L Irey B Hayes G Eubank
Richard Hayes, Lyn Irey, Bess Hayes &
Gerry Eubank

K Callahan B Trower
Kelly Callahan & Bill Trower
N Fleming B Trower
Ned Fleming & Bill Trower
L Irey J Morrison
Lin Irey & Jeff Morrison