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2022 Rochester Invitational

Sue Shearer | Published on 8/11/2022

9th Annual Rochester Invitational
August 11-14, 2022
Rochester Croquet Club

2022 Rochester Group photo

Front Row (L to R):  Sue Sherer (TM), Ellen Goldener, Linda Pike, Peter Bowers,
Deborah Millican, Jane Fisher, James Peasley. 
Back Row:  Norm Pike, Cameron James, Jeff Morrison, Rodney Lassiter, Rich Curtis (TD),
Leo Leither, Rich Laging, Ron Millican, Ryan Thompson, John Gorsline

                With players arriving from Florida, Ohio, Missouri and North Carolina in addition to players from western New York, the 9th Annual Rochester Croquet Invitational kicked off to a perfect weather weekend for singles and doubles American Six-Wicket play on Friday, August 12.

                A few of the games notably deserve a mention here.  In Championship Flight singles play, Rich Laging was undefeated in block play while Leo Leither lost all his games.  As first and fourth seed in semi-finals play, Leo pulled off an astounding win against Rich at 15-10 to end up in finals play against Rodney Lassiter, losing to Rodney 9-19.

                Having recently suffered a fractured collar bone and ribs in a mountain bike accident, Ryan Thompson showed up to the games in a sling yet went on to win 1st Flight singles semi-finals against Cameron James by one point in last turn.  In finals play, Deborah Millican soundly won the match against Ryan at 17-10.

                Another big turnabout came in 2nd Flight singles when Peter Bowers (8), undefeated in block play, lost to fourth seed Linda Pike (11) 9-17.  However, in finals play, Jan Fisher prevailed against Linda to win 17-10.

                And last but not least, in Hi/Lo Doubles semi-finals, the team of Jeff Morrison and Jan Fisher fought off the first seed team of Rich Laging and Linda Pike to win 14-13.  Doubles finals was the last game of the day on Sunday and a real nail-biter as the team of Deborah Millican and Cameron James won in last ball of last turn with Deborah scoring two wicket points against Jeff Morrison and Jan Fisher to win 15-14.

                The Rochester Invitational is known for its original art awards and this year was no exception.  Beautiful first and second place satin and metallic fabric ornaments displayed the Rochester Club logo on one side and the USCA logo on the other side.  The ornaments were designed and created by Club member Linda Bowers.

2022 Rochester awards
Rochester Awards by Linda Bowers

Championship Flight Singles

1.  Rodney Lassiter
2.  Leo Leither
3.  Rich Laging
3.  Jeff Morrison

1st Flight Singles

1.  Deborah Millican
2.  Ryan Thompson
3.  Cameron James
3.  Ron Millican

2nd Flight Singles

1.  Jan Fisher
2.  Linda Pike
3.  Peter Bowers
3.  Norm Pike
5.  Ellen Goldener

HI/LO Doubles

1. Deborah Millican & Cameron James
2. Jeff Morrison & Jan Fisher
3. Rich Laging & Linda Pike
3. Rodney Lassiter & James Peasley
5. Ryan Thompson & Peter Bowers
6. Ron Millican & Norm Pike
7. Rich Curtis & John Gorsline
8. Leo Leither & Ellen Goldener