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2022 Lenox GC Invitational

David Ekstrom - TD | Published on 7/22/2022
Lenox GC Invitational
July 22-24, 2022
Lenox Croquet Club - Lenox, MA

The Lenox Croquet Club hosted its first golf croquet invitational tournament July 22–24, 2022. The club has two full-size courts in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts, a region bordered on the north by Vermont, on the west by New York State, and on the south by Connecticut. At 1400 feet above sea level, Lenox weather is cooler in the morning and evening and (usually) pleasant all day.

The Lenox lawns were in perfect condition thanks to the meticulous care and grooming of member Stuart Lawrence.  Two flights of ten players rotated between one full and two three-quarter-size courts. Each match was a single untimed game, first to seven hoops. Each entrant played nine block games; the top four finishers in each flight entered Sunday playoffs late in the morning, while the rest of the roster and club members watched and enjoyed a barbecue.

Players came from near and far—from Maine to the northeast, Florida in the south, and as far west as Oklahoma. Webster Bull, recovering from Covid, provided the charts and schedules and supervised the finals. Three certified GC referees were on hand throughout.

In championship flight, the four finalists were (in order of block finish): Paul Fecteau (Hillsboro Club), Cecil Creasey (The Springs Croquet Club), Cami Russack (NCC), and Dennis Leddy (Green Gables CC). In the semis, Leddy beat Fecteau, while Creasey beat Russack. In the final matches, Dennis Leddy beat Cecil Creasey 7-6, while in the consolation Paul Fecteau beat Cami Russack 7-5 for third place.

In first flight, the top four finishers were Stuart Price (Tulsa CC), Kim Beaty (Dorset Field Club), George Claffey (Greenwich CC), and David McQuaid (Merion Cricket Club). As in championship flight, the fourth seed won out, with McQuaid beating Price in the semis and Claffey in the finals (7-2). In the consolation match, Stuart Price beat Kim Beaty for third place.

The finishing order of all ten players in each flight was as follows:

Championship                                                       First

  1. Dennis Leddy (Green Gables CC)              David McQuaid (Marion Cricket Club)
  2. Cecil Creasey (The Springs CC)                  George Claffey (Greenwich CC)
  3. Paul Fecteau (Hillsboro Club)                    Stuart Price (Tulsa CC)
  4. Cami Russack (NCC)                                    Kim Beaty (Dorset Field Club
  5. Tate Russack (NCC)                                     Pamela Wilson (Hillsboro Club)
  6. John Wight (Mountain Lake CC)               Rita Ginsky (New York CC)
  7. Roger Rowell (Sarsota County CC)           George Mason (Hillsboro Club)
  8. Thomas Bown (CC at Philadelphia*)       Ann Leddy (Green Gables CC)
  9. Susan Creasey (The Springs CC)               Bonnie Bown (CC at Philadelphia*)
  10. 10.Dorothea Endicott (Lenox CC)            Ken Heim (Lenox CC)

Respectively submitted,
David Ekstrom, President LCC, TM & TD

NOTE: * CC at Philadelphia = Croquet Club at Philadelphia Cricket Club

Creasey, Leddy, Fecteau
Championship Winners - Cecil Creasey, Dennis Leddy, & Paul Fecteau

Price, McQuaid, Claffey, Ekstrom
First Flight Winners Stuart Price, David McQuaid, & George Claffey
with David Ekstrom - TD and Lenox Croquet Club President