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2021 USCA Seniors Masters

Macey White - TD | Published on 11/10/2021
Seniors Masters
November 10-14, 2021
National Croquet Center - West Palm Beach, FL

The 2021 Seniors Masters tournament lived up to its name its fine reputation.  62 of the best players in America collected in West Palm Beach Florida at the National Croquet Center to renew old friendships and compete in one of the finest American 6-Wicket tournaments held in the United States.  In singles, 34 players who were 70 or older competed for the Masters championships in both Championship Flight and 1st Flight.  23 plyers who were between 60 and 70 played for the Championship and 1st Flight trophies in the Senior division.


In doubles, 14 teams vied for the Masters trophies and 15 teams vied for the Seniors trophies. Teams in the Masters category had two players who were 70 or older and teams in the Seniors category had at least one player who was in their 60’s.


For several years there has been a special award given to the highest finishing player who is 80 or older.  This has been called the Grand Master Trophy.  Bob Chilton won the first Grand Master in 2018 and this year the trophy has been renamed the Bob Chilton Grand Master Trophy in honor of the man who has given so much back to the game.  The 2021 winner of the Bob Chilton Grand Master Trophy was David Ekstrom.  David won the Masters Doubles Championship Flight and placed second in the Masters Singles Championship Flight.


Another special award is Rookie of The Year.  There were a lot of great rookies this year and the winner was Ellie Griffith who won the Seniors Doubles 1st Flight.


Masters Singles Championship Flight was won by long time great player, Bob Van Tassell.  Bob defeated David Ekstrom in a tight finals match.  Many younger players haven’t heard of Bob Van Tassell as he doesn’t play in a lot of tournaments but Bob is as skilled a player as anyone in the US.

Masters Singles 1st Flight was won by Hal Denton.  While Hal qualifies for the Masters by being over 70, he is fairly new to American 6-Wicket and is testament to the fact that people of all ages can learn this sport and get very good at it.

Masters Championship Singles
1. Bob Van Tassell
2. David Ekstrom
3. Carl Mabee
3. Michael Todorovich
5. Leo McBride
5. Richard Sullivan
5. Walt Janitz
5. Bill Trower
9. Art Parsells
9. John Curington
9. Michael Gibbons
9. Mijai Pagano
9. Missy Ramey
9. Ron Millican
9. Ron Eccles
9. Steve Warner
9. David McCoy
9. Webster Bull

Masters First Flight Singles
1. Hal Denton
2. Carl Archiniaco
3. Clint Fowlkes
3. Jon Spaulding
5. Bill Sadowski
5. Christine Smith
5. Sandy Janitz
5. Tim McCormick
9. Christof Weihs
9. David Kepner
9. Jane Casey
9. John McGrath
9. Karen Weihs.
9. Martie Ekstrom
9. Rosemarie Maccario
9. Tom Lindley

Masters Championship Doubles
1. David Ekstrom & Webster Bull
2. Leo McBride & Bill Trower
3. Richard Sullivan & Bob Van Tassell
3. Missy Ramey & Marti Ekstrom
5. David McCoy & Mike Gibbons
5. Walt Janitz & Ron Eccles

Masters First Flight Doubles
1. Charles Alexander & Tim McCormick
2. Carl Archiniaco & David Ke0pner
3. Sandy Janitz & Christine Smith
3. Christof Weihs & Karen Weihs
5. Tina Hinckley & Hildegard Jones
5. Jane Casey & Rosemarie Maccario
5. Ron Millican & Jon Spaulding
5. Bob Duryea & John McGrath

The Grand Master
David Ekstrom

The Seniors Singles Championship Flight playoff could very well have been the National Championship.  The players in this field are many of the same who compete for the National Championship each year.  IN the finals, long time great Danny Huneycutt bested newbie Sherif Abdelwahab who just qualified for the Seniors this year.

The Seniors Singles 1st Flight playoff was a match between two of the top female competitors in the country and Debbie Millican edged out Linda Trifone for the title.

Seniors Championship Singles
1. Danny Huneycutt
2. Sherif Abdelwahab
3. Randy Cardo
3 Rick Sheely
5. Jodie Rugart
5. Mark Fields
5. Matt Griffith
5. Robert Pulitzer
9. Chris Barley
9. Conrad Rugart
9. Donald Parker
9. Lynda Sudderberg
9. Yen Sullivan

Seniors First Flight Singles

1. Deborah Millican
2. Linda Trifone
3. Doug Greeff
3. Briggs Kilborne
5. Steve Grassbaugh
5. Nancy Crouch
5. Jeff Morrison
5. Stuart Price
9. Alex Galasso
9. Ellie Griffith

Seniors Championship Doubles
1. Randy Cardo & Mark Fields
2. Matt Griffith & Jodie Rugart
3. Sherif Abdelwahab & Hal Denton
3. Danny Huneycutt & Linda Trifone
5. Rick Sheely & Lynda Sudderberg
5. Carl Mabee & Donald Parker
5. Macey White & Doug Greeff
5. Chris Barley & John Curington
9. Thomas Cooper & Stephen Grassbaugh
9. Arthur Parsells & Stuart Price

Seniors First Flight Doubles
1. Deborah Millican & Ellie Griffith
2. Robert Pulitzer & Briggs Kilborne
3. Jeff Morrison & Clint Fowlkes
3. Nancy Crouch & Mijai Pagano
5. Alex Galasso & Tom Lindley

Mark your calendars for next year’s Senior Masters on November 9 -13, 2022.