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2021 NEFCC Spring Croquet Open

Bill Simmons | Published on 3/26/2021


Hosted by Ponte Vedra Croquet Club

Front Row: Sue Emond, Dana Beisheim, Helen Covington, Cami Russack, Dave Paukovick
Back Row: Jim Podraza, Nick Doms, John Curington, Marc Stearns, Bill Simmons (TD), Tommy Dean, Tate Russack

The Northeast Florida Croquet Club LLC (NEFCC) sponsored the NEFCC Spring Croquet Open Golf Croquet.  It was hosted by the Ponte Vedra Croquet Club (PVCC) in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida.  Fifteen players representing seven clubs came together bringing their best games.  The weather was great.

This tournament was played in the Cup, Plate, Bowl, and Shield format.  Players were seeded by their skill level into three blocks playing four games each.  Jim Podraza upset John Curington to win Block A.  Helen Covington edged Bill Simmons out 7-6 to win Block B.  Tommy Dean beat Tate Russack by six net wickets to win Block C. 


The block results were used to seed the first round of the knockout.  The winners of the first round continued in the Cup competition.  The losers moved to the Bowl. 


Helen Covington beat Tommy Dean in the Cup Semi-final to advance to the Final.  Bill Simmons beat David Paukovich in the Semi-final and advanced to the Cup Final to beat Helen Covington 2 games straight, 7-6 and 7-4 winning the tournament.


Jim Podraza beat John Curington in the Plate Final.

Phil Emond upset Marc Stearns 10-8 in the Bowl Semi-final to face Nick Doms in the Bowl Final, which Phil won in two hard fought games 10-9 and 10-8.

Cami Russack bested Sue Emond in the Shield Final. 

2021-03-27_NEFCC_Bill_Simmons_Championship_Cup_winner_presented_by_John_Curington_com_691491455.JPG     2021-03-27_NEFCC_Helen_Covington_Cup_Finalst_presented_by_John_Curington_comp_DSCN620_1945556120.JPG

       John Curington & Bill Simmons              John Curington & Helen Covington              John Curington & Jim Podraza
          Championship Cup  Winner                       Championship Cup Finalist                                     Plate Winner

2021-03-27_NEFCC_John_Curington_Plate_Finalist_comp_DSCN6206_1258803481.JPG    2021-03-27_NEFCC_Phil_Emond_Bowl_Winner_presented_by_John_Curington_Comp_DSCN6205_1515985255.JPG   2021-03-27_NEFCC_Nick_Doms_Bowl_Finalist_presented_by_John_Curington_comp_DSCN6204_1734648972.JPG
                 John Curington                                  John Curington & Phil Emond                  John Curington & Nick Doms
                   Plate Finalist                                                    Bowl Winner                                               Bowl Finalist

                             2021-03-27_NEFCC_Cami_Russack_Shield_Winner_comp_DSCN6108_622085689.JPG      2021-03-27_NEFCC_Cami_Russack_and_Sue_Emond_Comp_DSCN6190_225000955.JPG
                                                       Cami Russack                                                    Sue Emond
                                                        Shield Winner                                                  Shield Finalist

Tournament winner: Bill Simmons

Plate winner: James Podraza

Bowl winner: Philip Emond

Shield winner: Camilla Russack

Championship Cup:

  1. Bill Simmons
  2. Helen Covington
  3. Tommy Dean
  4. Dave Paukovich



  1. Jim Podraza
  2. John Curington
  3. Dave Spivey
  4. Mary Shields


  1. Phil Emond
  2. Nick Doms
  3. Tate Russack
  4. Marc Stearns


  1. Cami Russack
  2. Sue Emond
  3. Dana Beisheim



Tournament Director:  Bill Simmons

Mark your calendar for the Northeast Florida Croquet Club (NEFCC) Fall Open Golf Croquet October 15-17, 2021 at Ponte Vedra Croquet Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.  We plan doubles and singles at this event. 


You can contact the club for a membership or come for a visit.